Friday, October 21, 2011

Night Run on the Neck

Time: 50:21
Distance: 11.24k
Pace: 4:29

I returned from a week long business trip that took me to 13 running stores in NYC, NY, CT, RI and MA. I would have visited more but I needed to be back in the office for a 1:30 Skype call. I enjoyed only being at the office for a few hours today as I much prefer being in accounts and out on the road getting a feel for the new territory. I wasn't planning on doubling tonight, but then I figured there wasn't much else to do. Meagan is gone to Dallas for a 13.1 event and my social life isn't exactly worthy of a reality tv show. But, don't worry I plan to pitch one to Bravo with a similar premise of "Most Eligible Dallas." I was tempted to walk down to the nearest bar called The Barnacle and make some friends, but decided I could lace up the boots.

I did run past The Barnacle which I picture as being a seedy blue collar joint with anchors and old sea ropes for decoration. I would nervously mingle with the local fisherman and listen to them talk about the days catch and if the price of herring was good or not. I don't think my original perception of the joint was accurate as it looked to be hopping with Friday night patrons. I continued through the narrow Marblehead streets which are typical of New England and soon came to Ocean Blvd. which takes you out to the Neck.

I looped around some of the most desirable homes in town and then headed back to the fort with 50 minutes of running behind me. I started to feel pretty good about half way through the run which tells me I'm starting to turn the corner in terms of fitness just in time to get injured this winter. I always get injured in the winter so this will be just perfect.

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