Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post Party Uptown Run

Time: 80:36
Distance: 17.47k
Pace: 4:37

This morning a slightly hungover group of CRC runners showed up to the Dowd YMCA to get in a run. The big surprise of the morning had to be Matt Jaskot as he rallied hard from what must have been a rough late night. Meagan and I had our costume/going away party graciously hosted by Rebecca Thomason. Matt came fully in character as Raoul Duke of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Make note to never take Mr. Duke's Wild Turkey or be harassed. It was a great night with many of the close friends Meagan and I have made during our two short years in Charlotte.

Back to the run that brought a small group out to run around Uptown and some of the nearby bike paths. I wasn't feeling great and many of the under-crossings were flooded which made for a slippery stride. I was content to call the run at 80 minutes and get back to packing.

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