Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freedom Park Speed Development

Time: 48:54
Distance: 6.40 miles

Long W/u: 30:28 for 4.07 miles
Speed Development: Drills, 4 x 50m, 4 x 100m
C/d: 18:26 for 2.33 miles

I decided to do my speed development session in Freedom Park this evening. I had relatively fresh legs later on in the day because I didn't get out the door to run this morning. My mileage will be plenty high without an extra 5 mile run. When the temps had dropped a little, Meagan and I got out to Freedom Park and looped around to put us at the soccer fields around 4 miles.

I went through my drills and continued to notice that my right leg isn't nearly as explosive as my left. I know that I usually have a leg discrepancy where my right leg is a few centimeters short than my left. It results in stress fractures and fun stuff like that. However, I've come to decide recently that my right leg can't push off nearly as well when doing bounding exercises. I find myself struggling to get more than a couple inches off the ground when I try to launch off my right foot. The left leg doesn't show Spud Webb-esque hops, but it has potential. Maybe it's just because I'm left handed and left side dominate which leaves my right side begging for power. I would love to correct this issue over the next few months, but am unsure about how to do so. Any ideas?

Anyway, after the drills I ran 4 x 50m quick, but not as fast as last speed session. Last time I over did it at the AG track and was tight for a couple of days. The 4 x 100m were also hard, but not overzealous. I was certain to strain the muscles, but not damage them. I forgot that there was supposed to be a few more 50m bursts at the end of the workout until I saw the schedule at home. Oh well.

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