Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heart Attack?

Time: 32:13
Distance: 4.29 miles
Pace: 7:44

I think I had a heart attack this afternoon. Perhaps it was due to dehydration. Maybe it was a coffee related incident. Just hear me out.

Meagan's best friend Brooke came to town this afternoon on business and we all went to Panera for lunch. I cooked some giant flapjacks for breakfast and didn't feel hungry so I just drank coffee. As most of Charlotte's residents would know, today's temps hit triple digits. I was probably dehydrated from last night's workout and this morning's run. I've done my best to drink constantly throughout the day the 100s makes hydrating difficult. Team TGA has started repping NUUN Active Hydration which means I have a fun new product to help keep the southeast properly topped off.

Regardless, on the drive home from Panera I started to sweat. Heavily. Meagan spotted drops of sweat on my forehead that soon turned to streams pouring off my face. My arms formed beads of moisture. My heart started to beat hard, not fast, just with force. Soon my shirt was soaked through and Meagan and Brooke were having a good laugh at my expense. When I got out of the car it looked like I had just finished a run. My white shirt was suctioned to my chest, my ass had sweat through my shorts and my arms were sweating. It wasn't the best experience. As soon as I got up stairs I grabbed some water, orange juice and a bunch of snacks. I think it was a combination of dehydration, low blood sugar and an infusion of caffeine. The three factors caused a perfect storm that wreaked havoc on my clothes. I felt perfectly fine 20 minutes later and didn't find it a big issue to double with Caitlin in the evening.

We ran from the house to Freedom Park, around the pond and back. No problems during the run or afterward. I know it wasn't a heart attack, but my episode wasn't the funnest experience. Stay hydrated out there Charlotte and Oklahoma.

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caitchris said...

ummm. no heart attacks please. aren't you going to tell us where we can get nuun???