Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week in Review

Time: 624:38
Distance: 87.78 miles

The week turned out pretty solid in terms of mileage. I had some great workouts too. The 600s that I ran on Tuesday helped with my toughness in the hot weather, however it left me pretty drained for a couple of days. I felt like absolute rubbish the next morning at McAlpine. I was glad I got in some speed development and was content with the 300/100 workout on Friday. I think running fast and relaxed is starting to take shape and I should be ready to run a fast race next time out. The long run on Sunday brought the much needed endurance that I might be lacking in the summer phase of increased intensity.

Next week will be a bit chaotic and I'm not sure where the workouts will fit in, but at least I'll be in some cooler Cali temps.

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