Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meagan's Long Run

Time: 78:10
Distance: 10.79 miles
Pace: 7:14

Meagan missed out on yesterday's long run because she was working at RFYL. We got a late start on the morning, but it wasn't all that warm out at McAlpine. We found a little over 10 miles of soft surfaced and shaded running. I felt pretty good and don't have too much soreness left in the calves. I'll be ready to hit a couple good workouts next week when the temps climb back up to the 90s.

After the run Tyler and Denise came over for some quality breakfast burritos. The idea was first to make pancakes, but once we heard Denise was bringing a guacamole mix, the switch was made. The time at the pool was pleasant, as was the trip to Yoforia! The weekend capped off with a trip up to Lake Norman for a holiday celebration of brats and beers. I'm not a big lake fan, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to chill with Andy and Melinda Knorr.

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