Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot 600s at the AG

Time: ~54:02
Distance: ~8.20 miles

W/u: 17:25 for 2.17 miles
W/o: 10 x 600m in 1:40 w/ 2 mins rest
C/d: 9:57 for 1.01 miles

What a day for a workout. It was hot, hot, hot. Meagan and I drove over to the AG because I needed my supplies. I brought a towel and two bottles of water knowing that halfway through the workout my body temperature would be sky high. We warmed up on the streets around the track. It was a slow shuffle to start, but by the end I was feeling ready to throw down.

Once back up to the track a small group of Charlotte Running Club members were finishing up their workouts. I overheard Emily Barrett mention her new role as CRC Social Director to some guys that I've met before but couldn't recall their names. I also spotted Dr. Greenapple jogging around the track in a pair of Newtons he was testing out. I'll refrain from calling out Newton at this time. I didn't do much in the way of strides and sorta just launched into my workout. The goal was to come through 400m in 66-67 secs. and then maintain the final 200m.

For some weird reason I couldn't work Mr. Garmin. I'm usually pretty sound at pushing the right buttons (start/stop vs. lap/split) at the right time. However, today was a different story. I was all over the place on the first 3 intervals. Thus, the timing is a bit off during the first third of my outing.

1:40.xx (?), 1:39.77 (2:00), 1:39.xx (?), 1:40.01 (2:00), 1:40.55 (2:01),
1:40.40 (2:00), 1:40.69 (2:00), 1:40.95 (2:00), 1:41.33 (2:01), 1:37.72

The workout turned out well. I jogged 200m after each interval and then stood around for about a minute. I was right on minus the 9th interval when I lost focus during second 200m and came through a little slow. Meagan was key in yelling out my splits at 400m each time. I was pretty consistent in passing by at 66 to 67 seconds. It was pretty hot after five and I made sure to start drinking and pouring water on my head. My stride felt fairly in control and I was able to pick up the pace the final 200m if necessary.

My average looks to be about 1:40.3 or so which is roughly 4:26 mile pace. The goal for the next race is to come through the mile fast.

The most recent 600m workout and perhaps only true 600m that I've done was about 6 weeks ago:

7 x 600m in 1:46 w/ 2 min rest - This workout was pretty easy and came at the end of the week.

Other workouts have contained a 600m interval, but it was usually run pretty fast.

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