Friday, May 14, 2010

PDS Workout

Time: ~57:04
Distance: ~8 miles

W/u: 22:37 for 3.02 miles
W/o: 7 x 600m in 1:46 w/ 2 min rest
C/d: 16:17 for 2.01 miles

This evening Meagan and I headed over to Providence Day School for some running. She was just doing an easy run while I was on the track. Since I had a harder workout earlier this week, the purpose of this workout was to run relaxed and comfortable. I wasn't afraid of the pace today as I would need to be about 70-71 through the 400m and then just close things out.

32.80 (2:01), 31.52 (5:01). I did a couple 200s to get things rolling and then slipped into flats.

1:44.80 (2:01), 1:43.85 (2:01), 1:43.63 (2:00), 1:42.82 (2:00), 1:44.72 (2:00), 1:43.38 (2:01), 1:38.54 for 32:11 total time and 4200m.

I was pleased with how the workout went. I was a little sluggish heading into it. The pace wasn't that fast and I had a hard time not going through 400m in 69-70. Definitely a good problem to have. I tried to roll things along the final interval to see how I would respond.

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