Saturday, May 1, 2010

McAlpine 5 Mile Tempo

Time: 71:20
Distance: 11.04 miles

W/u: 22:06 for 3.03 miles
W/o: 5 mile tempo (first three miles @ 5:30, mile @ 5:00, mile @ 5:30)
C/d: 22:00 for 3.01 miles

When I walked out to my car this morning around 8:00 am I noticed there was some dew on the grass and windows. There was definitely some moisture in the air, but the actual temperature didn't seem that high. I parked at Old Bell and proceeded to warm up to the 1.50 mile mark. The sun was coming up over the trees that line the path and I knew the tempo was going to be hotter than expected.

I originally wanted to run the two miles from Old Bell to the Footlocker Course, swing past the duck pond on the near side and run back into the woods. The first three miles would put me around the top of the turn, near the 1k mark on the course and then I would hammer it back to Old Bell. Well, that plan went out the window when Mr. Garmin measured 1.50 miles to 2.0 miles about 30 meters short. I did turn around during that time, but I didn't feel confident not using the measured miles. Instead I just ran out three miles and back two. Very lame and something I give Meagan and the Queens' ladies a hard time about for running boring courses.

5:31, 5:26, 5:35 (but I ran way past the 3 mile maker), :09 (to get back to the 3 mile marker),
4:58, 5:33 for 27:15 total on the watch. Closer to 26:55 had I not used GPS.

Not the best, not the worst. I really wanted to crush that fourth mile. I had thoughts of running 4:50 or faster. I was very comfortable, as I should be, at 5:30s for the first part of the workout. When I made the turn, I quickened the turnover and started pressing. I just couldn't get going all the way and had to settle for a split just under 5-flat. The last mile was also rougher than I envisioned. I think my splits were something like 2:49/2:44. The last mile also included a very slight detour through the award's ceremony for Run for Peace.

I cooled down back to Old Bell, switched back into trainers and then cooled down some more. I was pretty well soaked in sweat when I finished up.

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caitchris said...

If I were fast enough to pace you through a couple of miles, I would have. HA!!