Friday, May 21, 2010

Night Shakeout and Strides

Time: 45:48
Distance: 6.50 miles

W/u: 24:46 for 3.40 miles
Strides: 2 laps hot/cold, drills 2 laps hot/cold
C/d: 15:07 for 2.10 miles

This evening, after taking a mini-nap, I threw on my running costume and jogged over to the AG track. I did 2 laps of jogging the turns, striding the straights before going through my drills. I did 2 more laps of alternating 100m strides before jogging home. The legs felt good to get in some turnover work about 12 hours prior to race time.

Splits of strides:
3:01, 2:54

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