Monday, May 24, 2010

Run Before Travel

Time: 56:03
Distance: 8.49 miles
Pace: 6:36

I was up and out the door at an early hour for me (7:00 am) as I had to be at the airport around 8:45 am. I put in a medium loop through Freedom Park which for whatever reason was a bit quicker than normal. I managed to average 6:36 with little effort or concentration as to pushing the pace. I think it was because I felt a bit rushed knowing I had to be at the airport for a flight.

This week is the bi-annual KNA (Karhu North America) sales conference where we get to learn about new products for both Karhu and Craft. It will be interesting to see what Jay Duke, Huub Valkenburg and Dan Richards have come up with on the footwear front. I also look forward to seeing Eric's apparel presentation for Craft as well.

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