Friday, May 14, 2010


There is a big race planned for Sunday, May 16th in the great state of Massachusetts. You can read all about it on Boring Stories of Glory Days.

The reason for the friendly competition between Mike Decoste (Brown class of '04) and Meagan Nedlo's 5k time from The Penn Relays (16:44), is for status in the "Hitters" category of my blog (see right column). If Mr. Decoste succeeds, Jeff Gaudette's "Takin' Names" will be relegated to the bottom leagues of "Slackers/Injured Reserve." In fact, Takin' Names should be demoted for lack of posting in the past five months. The action is heating up as Eamonn O'Connor's "Oi Da Wee Man Has a Blog" might be bumped up along with a successful run by Mr. Decoste. It's the least I could do.

Game on. The wagers begin now.

If Mike runs faster than 16:44 he will be a "hitter" and bring Da Wee Man (midget horse enthusiast) along with him.