Saturday, May 15, 2010

Run Ballantyne

Time: 54:36
Distance: 8.16 miles
Pace: 6:41

Wow, this race seems so long ago. I guess I really better get going on some blogging.

I remember getting up early and heading down to Ballantyne with Meagan so that she could set up a booth on behalf of RFYL. I had no interest in racing this morning, but I still needed to run. I decided to jump in the race about 30m behind the starting line and slowly work my way up. Around 2 miles I was catching Allen Strickland as I wanted to help him out the rest of the way. I think my biggest help on the day was telling him that he was running off course. The volunteers were very ambiguous in their directions and sent a few of us the wrong way. When we realized that it was a mistake about 10 runners had managed to pass.

Allen stayed composed and moved up nicely the last part of the race. He finished around 42 minutes and probably would have been a minute faster had he not been sent the wrong way. Allen's recap is more thorough as I'm just trying to spew out some words.

I will say that the course started and finished in an ideal location. It was cool being surrounded by a business park and tucked in near a putting green. However, the course was depressing at best as in wound through empty parking lots and streets that are only used during the week.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow missed this post until now (just like the free Balega giveaway one - I'm still upset over that). What a mess that race was. I wish I could send the race director to Hickory to see how that course was set up - perfectly. Clear signs, impossible to get lost. But I digress. Oh 2 things from Hickory that may interest you. 1) Free Balega socks - awesome. 2) Richard Hefner (do you know him?) was wearing Carolina blue Karhu's - they looked very cool.
Nice job yesterday at King Tiger!