Sunday, May 2, 2010

iPhone Long Run

Time: ~95:10
Distance: ~14 miles

In my hurry to leave the house this morning I forgot Mr. Garmin on my desk. I didn't realize my mistake until my arrival at the Old Bell parking lot. I was up late watching the Payton Jordan track meet and was rushed out of the house with a text from Caitlin saying she and Jay were running soon. I knew it was going to be a humid one out there and I wanted to get started at a reasonable hour.

The only "watch" I had was the timing device on my phone which meant I had to carry to damn thing the whole way. I ran into Caitlin, Jay and Alana Hadley between the .25 and .50 mile markers. We ran together up to the Foolocker Course where the Fanta Festival was being set up. I didn't stick around after the run because I didn't see any Fanta girls roaming around. The run was fun, if not humid and the company was good to have.

Near the 50 minute mark and started to do some 1 minute pick ups with 4 minutes rest. This is something that Jeff is starting to put in my long runs and is a method used by Italian marathon coach Renato Canova. I was supposed to do 8 in total, but ended up content with 5. Jay, Alana and I got back to to the Old Bell parking lot around 70 minutes. I lost the shirt, grabbed some Gatorade and dropped off the phone.

I put in 3 more miles along the trail and called it a day. Over the last mile I caught a guy who I swore was Jason Fish of the Pura Vida gym. However, when I caught up to him I realized that it wasn't Jason and someone who could have been his twin. Since I was awkwardly double-taking in his direction, I felt obligated to say something. Turns out, Matt, ran the 800m for UVA and knew a bit about the running scene. We go to chatting about the new coach, Vig, and the stud 800m runner, Robby Andrews, who won indoor nationals by outkicking Andrew Wheating. Cool stuff.

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