Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Furman University Workout

Time: ~70:16
Distance: ~11.32 miles

W/u: 22:55 for 3.01 miles
W/o: 4 mile tempo (5:20-5:25 pace), 5 min rest, 3 x 1200 w/ 3 min rest (laps of 73, 72, 70)
C/d: 16:41 for 2.11 miles

This morning I drove over to Furman University for my workout that combined a tempo run with some intervals on the track. The tempo pace wasn't all that ambitious, but the track work would require the legs to get moving. My goal was to run as comfortably as possible and then bang out the laps on the track with a little more aggression.

I warmed up along the Swamp Rabbit trail system where I was going to do my tempo. I believe it's a new bike path system that has been in the works for a few years out in Greenville, SC. It's a pretty cool set up and I wish Charlotte had something similar.

Tempo Splits:
5:19.67, 5:23:02, (4 sec on the turn around),
5:18.37, 5:09.41 for roughly 21:10 and 4 miles.

Jogged back over to the track, put on my flats and jogged to the start line. (5:48 rest total).

1200m Splits:
3:30.95 (laps of 72, 71, 67)
3:31.98 (laps of 72-73, 71, 68)
3:29.47 (laps of 73, 70, 66-67)

I think this was a solid session. I was a little frustrated at the start of the tempo when I couldn't find a rhythm. The way out was ever so slightly uphill which caused a bit of trouble in locating the pace. I know 5:20 should feel relatively comfortable, but the watch just wasn't agreeing with my legs. I probably ran 5:40 pace for the first 800m and then had to increase the effort to get back on pace. I don't think running in trainers played much of a factor as I was able to clip along the final two miles.

When it was time to hit the track, I didn't know what to expect. The legs wanted to run faster than 72s and I had to hold myself back if I were to close in 70. Each split felt good for 600m and then I started to concentrate as I dropped the pace. On the last interval I think my last 200m was around 32 seconds.

My cool down took my through Furman's campus. Beautiful place they got there. It was nice having the pond/lake to cool down around.

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