Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Harvest 5k Recap

Total Time: 59:37
Total Distance: 8.41 miles
Race: 15:44 for 1st

W/u: 24:01 for 3.01 miles
C/d: 19:52 for 2.31 miles

What to say about the Great Harvest 5k other than it had hills, a lot of turns and great prizes? That basically sums the race up right.

I was personally stuck in one gear mode the entire way as I split 5:04, 10:08, 15:10? and then finished in 15:44. It was warm and humid which didn't help the cause either. John Compton ran a great race as he pushed me through 2 miles just off my shoulder. I felt relaxed the entire way but I wasn't sure what was around the next corner. As a result, I was reluctant to really drop the pace because I didn't know if there was a large hill looming ahead.

On my warm up I ventured out in the direction of the course, but I didn't get great instructions. Somehow I ended up back on Pineville-Mathews road and just ran back to where I parked. Should I mention that I parked in the Piper Glen lot and didn't get ticketed or towed? Yea, I'm a badass.

This wasn't the best performance I could have asked for, but I'll take it. I was comfortable most of the way and in control at the front. I will say that I am having a hard time really letting go on the downhills. I can't seem to turn the legs over fast enough to take advantage of the easy section. I think it's that I'm using them to catch my breath and slow my heart rate rather than attacking again. Maybe I can get Jeff to toss in a downhill running workout.

Oh, I'm not sure if he reads my blog, but I'll give a shout out to Richard Harris Jr. who I believe broke 17 minutes for the first time. RHJ is also coached by Jeff.

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