Monday, May 31, 2010

Out and Back Along the Ocean

Time: 57:29
Distance: 8.03 miles
Pace: 7:09

A productive day capped off with a run along the ocean and over priced Mexican food. The drive out to Virginia Beach was relatively uneventful. I went as long as possible before stopping for our first break in Virginia for gas. Meagan slept most of the way before urging me for a bathroom break. I gave in but not before reaching Virginia where fuel is cheaper and the bathrooms are bigger. I just made that last part up.

My first store visit came in Newport News which we reached around 1 pm. I checked out Conte's Bike & Fitness before heading over to The Runner's Source. Next up was Virginia Beach and a handful of store. Due to it being Memorial Day, some shops were closed but that will still give me an opportunity that I was able to window shop their store. I think we hit four more locations before doing some work at a Starbucks.

We found a shady hotel along the coast and checked in prior to our run along the boardwalk. The goal was to find First Landing State Park as there are supposedly some sweet trails through there, but it never occurred to us that we should turn left around mile two. Instead I ran out four miles and back the same distance with 5 x 20 sec. pickups. Meagan was feeling bad around 3 miles and started to walk back. I caught her with a couple of miles to run and we finished together.

I can tell that after last week's lower volume, my legs are feeling fresh. The pickups went really well and I felt so comfortable that a few ran closer to 25 secs. I pleased with how the day turned out from a training and work standpoint.

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