Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Workout Scrapped

Total Time: 54:21
Total Distance: 8.29 miles

Part I: 19:01 for 2.70 miles
Part II: 35:20 for ~5.59 miles

Tonight I was planning on doing some sort of track workout, but opted to stay on my weekly schedule. The idea of running with some Queens athletes appealed to me early in the day, but once I got to the track my ambitions gradually deflated. It wasn't the fact that a youth track meet was being held either. Instead of getting on the track at 7:30 pm our warm up was pushed back to 7:50 pm. The meet concluded around 8:20 and that's when the workouts began. Mike started so quick as to maximize the lights, I was still lacing up my shoes. He was doing 25 x 400 and I was going to tag along with 25 x 300. I took that as a clue to just do my own thing.

I ran a mile backwards in lane 8. Ran a mile jogging the turns and striding the straights in lane 5. Jogged another mile backwards in lane 8. It was truly backwards, rather clockwise around the track. I did 4 x 200 untimed in lane 5 before cooling down a mile clockwise.

My legs felt good to get in a little turnover. I was okay with keeping my weekly schedule the same because the lights went black about 3/4 of the way through the intervals. We also didn't leave the track until nearly 10:00 pm which meant dinner still had to be made and consumed. I've worked out late, late at night before while living in Oklahoma and sleeping afterward is always an issue.

On the plus side, Meagan and Tanya killed it tonight. Mike look strong and Simon ran tough. DII Nationals are only a few weeks away for these guys.

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