Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Portsmouth Track Workout

Time: 54:35
Distance: ~8 miles

W/u: 18:06 for 2.22 miles
W/o: 5 x 1k in 2:57 w/ 1 min rest.
C/d: 18:35 for 2.21 miles

Around 4:00 pm today all the sales reps went over to Dan Richards' Design offices to check out some of the new stuff he and his team are working on. Pretty neat stuff for Karhu to come. After a lengthy discussion with Dan, Paul and myself about the direction of footwear these days, we finally headed off to the hotel. I grabbed my flats and we were downstairs for a warm up to the track.

Paul has lost 20 pounds since returning to the rep force which means he no longer wheezes, spits and coughs during a 15 minute run. It was fun and productive jogging over to the track where I would be doing my workout. I didn't do much in the way of strides or drills. I just slipped on the flats and got to work. I will say that while it was cool compared to NC and TX, the temps were warm. I started to get hot around interval 3, but I still finished decent.

2:57.53, (1:01), 2:56.75, (1:01), 2:57.84, (1:00), 2:59.9, (1:01), 2:58.06 for 18:54 total.

I would rate this as a C+ type workout. I definitely felt a little rushed going into it and considering I didn't get much sleep, I'll take it. The second interval is the only one that felt comfortable. I started to struggle on the last two and had to dig the final 500m of the last one. If it weren't for a faster last 200m with the wind at my back, I wouldn't have broken 3:00. When I saw this workout on paper a few weeks ago I wasn't intimidated. The short rest really caught up with me as the quick jog across the infield was fleeting. I had envisioned closing the last one in 2:50. It wasn't meant to be.

Paul hung tough on the cool down back to the hotel too. He has 20 pounds to go and maybe he'll be back in 4:00 minute shape again. That is if he can find a course that has a steeper downhill and gets more wind at his back.

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