Thursday, May 6, 2010

JCSU Track Fun

Time: 23:30
Distance: 3.04 miles

Tonight I went over to JCSU with some Queens runners to watch their workout. Everyone was doing 4 x mile with 4 minutes rest. Mike and Futsum were hitting 4:30-4:35, Tanya hovered around 5:05 and Meagan and Jenna were at 5:20. Meagan had a miserable workout that wasn't fun to watch and less fun to run.

Mike hammered the last half of his final mile in 2:01-2:03 which put him at 4:16-4:17. Very fast.

I ended up running two laps of jogging the turns and sprinting the straights. I also did some drills before the strides. The goal was to loosen up the legs and get ready to roll tomorrow night in Uptown.

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