Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Half of Mexico Weeps

Time: 54:03
Distance: 7.27 miles
Pace: 7:26

I let a few people down this evening, actually, it was more than a few. I'll say I let half of Mexico down with my poor performance in the Tequila 400. While all the Mexican Americans and gringos were out celebrating the Battle of Puebla, I shed a tear of shame for allowing an ultra marathoner crush my dreams of representing my nationality's sensible ability to drink. Let's back up a few hours and figure out how I was so easily defeated in running and drinking, two pursuits which I can normally hold my own.

I spent the hours between 3:00 and 5:00 pm playing soccer, jogging, coaching and cheering the guys at Park Road Montessori who are in the Let Me Run program. Our "graduation" race is Friday night at the Twilight 5k and I wanted today to be all about relays. I tried to come up with some events on the fly to keep the boys entertained and the competition equal. I was pretty well dehydrated as I drove over to the Dowd YMCA to start my double run.

My schedule had me slated for 4 miles this evening and I was going to link up with Caitlin, Aaron and John Compton for a few miles before the CRC 1 Year Anniversary Celebration. The four of us met along McDowell, dropped our shirts at Dilworth Bar and Grill and then continued running. We put in about 20 minutes before meeting up with others at the YMCA and going out for some more miles. There was a good group of us that were getting excited to thrown down in the Tequila 400. Aaron was extra animated as we strolled through Freedom Park and back towards the bar.

By the time 6:45 pm rolled around I was already questioning whether drinking a shot of tequila and running a 400 would be a good idea. My stomach felt terrible at mile 3 of this run and it was about to get reacquainted with SeƱor Cuervo. A couple more people showed up just for the race including ultraman and underwear model Thomas Eggar. His presence would prove to be the turning point.

A round of 13-15 tequila shots were ordered up and delivered to the front of the restaurant. We toasted our cups and slammed the shot (Aaron had 2 shots). Next, all of us jogged over to the Dead End sign on Baxter St. We lined up and the signal to run was given.

I got off the line horribly, but still in contention. Aaron and Thomas were out quick and hugging the yellow line down the middle of the road. Both were running brilliant tangents so as to not run a step farther than necessary. I tucked in and inched closer to the lead just off Thomas' shoulder. At about 120-140 meters I hit the front and tried to steal the win. Thomas, in turn, sat off my shoulder waiting for the right moment. I figured he was done, but oh, how was I wrong. With 60 meters to run Thomas swung wide and flexed his ultra-marathon speed. I was no match. I glanced over my should to ensure second place and I shut it down to cross the line in defeat.

Tequila 400

I ran 43.41 to Thomas' 42 point. Clearly, we didn't run a full 400m as it was measured at .20 miles by Mr. Garmin. Ben Hovis was on hand to document this debauchery (see his photos below). Thomas and I took a photo before walking back to the start line where another shot was taken. John Compton was in the hurt tank and I was about to join him.

My mouth was starting to water and I was nearing complete embarrassment. We all walked back over to the restaurant where a few people were going to have dinner. I went inside to grab some agua and wash my hands in the bathroom. Big mistake. The Cuervo and agua combination were enough to put me over the edge. I casually walked back outside and had to find the corner of the parking lot. I got back down to racing weight near the auto body shop. Feeling much better physically, but in a fragile emotional state I said my goodbyes and Gallowalked back to my car.

Don't think that was the end of the evening. I rallied to meet up with my buddy Tyler for some beverage at Cantina 1511 on East. The Coronas were much gentler on the stomach and probably served to rehydrate my cells. I've competed in at least four other running/drinking combination races and I'll have to say that Cuervo followed by a fast 400m is the toughest. I'm going to have to start training for this race next year. I don't want to leave Mexico a state of despair like I did tonight.

Contemplating if this was a good idea. Always.

In the lead thinking I had this thing in the bag. Not true.

Thomas and I looking huge, trying to catch our breath and not puke.

Post race at the starting line. Smile on the face now, just give me 5 minutes.

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caitchris said...

BAHAHAHHAHA. you'll need to practice extra hard because rumor has it that thomas is ditching the ultras and starting up half/marathon training! so that means his speed will only continue to grow!

all joking aside - great job, at least you weren't second to last and "honored" with ten dollars for your "win" like I was!!