Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mile Breakdown Workout

Time: 80:02
Distance: ~10.50 miles

W/u: 22:41 for 3.01 miles
W/o: Mile breakdown: 1600 (4:45), 1200 (3:28), 1000 (2:53), 800 (2:20), 600 (1:42), 400 (68), 200 (32), 100 (14) w/ 2 mins rest
C/d: 22:01 for 2.70 miles

I was back at JCSU less than 12 hours from leaving it. The goal this morning was to run a mile breakdown where the pace of the interval gets just a little bit faster as the distance becomes shorter. The rest would remain constant at 2 minutes for the entirety which is quite a bit at the end of the workout.

The warm up went well, but I notice a bit more humidity in the air. Also, it was going to be windy on the homestretch. I didn't stretch too much before getting down to business. I did however start with two 200 meter strides.

31.38, (1:30), 31.82, (2:01);
4:44.25, (2:01), 3:28.73, (2:00), 2:55.77, (2:01), 2:22.30, (2:01), 1:42.22, (2:00), 65.17, (2:00), 29.36, (1:30), 13.31 for 35:10 total and ~7,000 meters of actual running.

I'd have to rate myself with a C+ or B- on this workout as it was just average at best. I felt good for the opening interval and may have got a little cocky as I tried to jog 400 meters after it. In college we always took active recovery of jogging 200m to 400m. It was a way to keep the legs moving while gaining a few extra miles. That was my goal for today as well. The 1200m interval was good, but I came through a little slow and had to push the final lap. As a result, I stopped jogging the recovery and focused on the next repeat. The 1k and 800m were tough and were the only two intervals that were legitimately off. I just didn't feel all that relaxed trying to run 69-70 seconds per lap. I regained a better focus and was able to bang out the rest of the splits with little trouble. I was even on the 600m and a little fast on the remaining efforts.

This workout pales in comparison to a mile breakdown (didn't have the 1k repeat) that I did with Tarpy my senior year at Brown. I went 4:28 (2:56) , 3:21 (1:58), 2:11 (1:28), 1:36 (61), 64 (46), 46 (28), 32. I had more speed then, but know I'm stronger now. I would have liked to felt more relaxed and less strained.

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