Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Portsmouth, NH Run

Time: 33:31
Distance: 4.75 miles
Pace: 7:03

Why does the sun rise so early on the east coast? I swear it was 5:30 when the light started shining through the hotel blinds. I was wide awake and hour later and out the door for a few miles through Portsmouth. For not getting to bed until a little after midnight, I felt pretty good this morning. We spent a couple of hours at a local pub watching the Celtics and Magic play in the Easter Conference Championships.

My run took me from the hotel to Portsmouth HS where I ran a lap around the track before heading back. I'm supposed to do a workout this evening and I wanted to know the distance to and from the track. Our schedule is packed with meetings and presentations, but I still hope to find time to bang out a workout.

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