Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week in Review

Time: 657:51
Distance: 91.85 miles

Whoops. I got a little carried away this week with a few runs that went over distance. I'm not too concerned with it as I was still able to workout, race and recover well. It was smart that I decided not to run yesterday evening as the triple digits probably would have been achieved. The cooler weather that arrived on Sunday and should continue into the middle of the week will tempt to front load the first half of the week. I have a new schedule in hand that takes me through the beginning of June.

On top of having a good week of training, this week was full of fun. I was able to enjoy a night out on Cinco de Mayo with Tyler, visit with Meagan's parents who were in town for her graduation, see the Let Me Run guys complete a 5k, and mingle with Meagan's classmates at a graduation celebration.

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scooter donut said...

congratulations on the race, so with this running club series, how do they score the thing? I am going to institute a race policy for Team OKRunner to try to make this thing more interesting. I might add in out of state races in the scoring too, but probably would weight the local ones higher to rep the team.