Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hottest Teacher in Charlotte

Time: 61:27
Distance: ~9.5 miles

W/u: 23:04 for 3.04 miles
W/o: 3 x 2k @ 5:00 pace w/ 3 mins rest, 1k @ fast!
C/d: 16:48 for 2.03 miles

I can't remember the last time I worked out in the morning. It was probably the last time I raced in the morning which wasn't up to my potential. I've run 15:05 at night and 14:59 on the track at night which means I'm clearly more prepared later in the day than at 7:30 am when most races are held. Anyway, this morning I had the opportunity to run with the hottest teacher in Charlotte or maybe I should limit it to Providence Day School. Either way I was happy to have someone to keep me honest during this workout.

The single John Compton.

The goal was to run 3 x 2k at a relatively relaxed pace before getting after it on one last interval. I believe that at this point in my cycle 5:00 mile pace is relatively easy, however, the weather plays a major role in how easy it actually feels. Aw the joys of living in Charlotte.

He can even protect you if you find yourself on the mountain trails of NC with no food or shelter.

Pre-workout John Compton (he's single ladies, was that mentioned?) was hoping to hop in and out of the workout depending on how he felt. It turned out that after 800m he would be running 6 x 800 (basically the first and last 800m of my 2k repeat).

6:06.16 (3:00), 6:09.50 (2:59), 6:08.78 (3:22), 2:42.01

Enough about John, let's put some attention back on me. I had a hard time slowing down to 5:00 pace which would be 6:15 for 2k. I felt comfortable running my splits, pressed, but comfortable. It was more that I couldn't lock into 72 sec. pace and I was rolling through 400m in 70-71 and 800m in 2:22 which just told me that I should roll with the pace. John was a help as he sat off my shoulder and provided the motivation to keep the pace going the final 800m. I won't even give him a hard time for not being able to hang for longer despite being capable of pushing me in the Skyline 5k and Great Harvest 5k. I fully appreciated him being out there this morning at the school he teaches at (ladies he's smart too).

When the final interval came up I slipped into spikes. Why? I'm not sure, but I felt that since I wasn't doubling I really wanted to wreck myself before my trip out to Cali. I took a few extra seconds of rest before starting the final effort. I came through 400m around 65 seconds and tried to increase the tempo. I really wanted to run in the 2:3x range but only managed 2:42. That's still 65 seconds per 400m, but I was hoping for more. It was taxing, but truly not everything I had. I think I closed the final 200m around 32 seconds which means my middle section was a little poor.

All in all, I'm pleased with the workout. John helped me out and kept me honest throughout the track session. He also came up huge time in giving me a ride to the airport. Today I'm flying from Charlotte to San Francisco for a sales meeting for Chrome Bags. It's a brand that The Genesis Agency just picked up within the past few months. The brand has very little presence in the Southeast which is something I'm going to be responsible for changing. Check out their products and keep an eye out.

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caitchris said...

Wow you are so lucky to have run with the hottest teacher in Charlotte...