Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Los Gatos Rock Star

Time: 46:01
Distance: 6.26 miles
Pace: 7:21

I have to be careful with this post (might boss might be reading).

Despite the fact that I'm posting from long in the future, let me catch up the busy day that took place. After the big 2k workout yesterday I returned home to grab a quick shower. I was all packed and ready to leave for the Charlotte airport. I put on my compression/body control socks for the flight and prepared for my flight across the country.

It ended up being an action packed afternoon/evening as I was held up in the Minneapolis airport and I almost missed my flight. Good thing that I'm somewhat fast and was able to race across the entire MSP airport and make the flight with a few moments to spare. I was on the flight with our rep from Nashville who also had a couple of challenges getting to our destination of San Francisco.

Upon landing, Kela and I were picked up and shuttled to Los Gatos along with the newest TGA rep, Jeff Sheldon. The three of us and our driver Kenny, made a quick stop at the hotel before meeting everyone at the California Café. It was a fun little spot with great food and drinks for all to enjoy. All the reps go started with some key business presentations, beer/wine drinking and all around fun. The night ended back at the Los Gatos Inn bar with all the reps from the various groups talking business about the direction of the brand.

I met a lot of key contacts and had a fun time seeing how Chrome plans to grow over the next couple of years and where the big opportunities are. It was a long day starting with a workout in Charlotte, flights across the US, dinner in Los Gatos and drinks at the bar. I didn't get to bed until around 1:00 am west coast time which is 4:00 am EST. That means I had been up for nearly 22 hours straight, not great for training.

Why do I share all of this? Simply because I was described as a "rock star" for being out the door at 6:30 am the following morning (west coast time) for a run through the hills of Los Gatos. My boss was still in bed as I pounded the pavement looking for a route up to the trails that had to exist in Nor Cal. However, I just couldn't find them. It was a little frustrating as I climbed in the hilly neighborhoods looking for a trailhead only to find more million dollar homes and magnificent views. I wish I had brought my phone so that I could share the views with my followers, however I didn't think ahead.

The meetings flew by in the morning and it was off to San Francisco to hang out for a few hours in the Castro. Ever been to San Fran? Ever been to the Castro? Stay tuned...

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