Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karhu Explorer Day

Time: 39:35
Distance: 5.29 miles
Pace: 7:28

I only managed a short loop on the day because I was out the door at 4:23 am. However, I had a great event at Bull City Running Company in Durham, NC. The day kicked off with a mini hydration station of Nuun and Fuel Belt products. I answered questions and got to mingle with the huge group of Galloway participants. For whatever reason, the Galloway program is ginormous in the Research Triangle. This particular group had close to 400 members.

A table cloth would help my display in the future. Oh well. It's Nuun and Fuel Belt.

You drink that Nuun Ms. Fuel Belt.

The rest of the day was spent inside BCRC where we were having a promotion of Karhu shoes. It was try on a pair of Karhu shoes and get entered to win a free entry to one of the 13.1 Marathon Series events (preferable Atlanta on October 3rd). Also, the first three purchasers of Karhu shoes won automatic entry to one of the races. It was fun to chat with some of BCRC most loyal customers and familiarize them with the Finnish heritage brand.

Not too shabby. In case you didn't know, Karhu means "bear" in Finnish.

I was exhausted by the time the day was over. In fact I had to pull off the highway about 45 minutes into the drive home so that I could sleep. After getting back to Charlotte all I wanted to do was go to bed. However, I had a girlfriend and friends begging me to come out. I grabbed some food and put on my party pants before heading over to Tyler and Denise's house for a few pints. I made it a challenge to stay out until Meagan asked to go home. She used to be fun.

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