Saturday, April 24, 2010

CPCC Skyline 5k

Time: 53:44
Distance: 7.62 miles

W/u: 18:51 for 2.33 miles
Race: 15:52, 1st
C/d: 19:03 for 2.19 miles

I got up pretty early this morning to give my body some time to wake up. The race wasn't until 8 am but I was milling around the house drinking coffee by 5:30. I was trying to see how the legs were going to handle a quick pace so early.

Meagan and I headed over to Caitlin and John's house around 6:45 and then I realized that I had left my bib on the kitchen table. I probably could have gone to the race and received another number, but instead I just headed home to snag my original bib. I got back to Caitlin's just as a group of CRC members were going to start warming up. We jogged over to get our chips and roamed around part of the course. My legs were still really tight and I definitely didn't get in as many miles as I would have liked beforehand. I did do one extended stride about 10 minutes before the start of the race. I didn't feel any better after it, but I figured I could run 5:05 pace comfortably.

At the start line I settled in near John Compton, Dan Matena, Ben Hovis, Paul Mainwaring and a few other runners who would be getting after it. I was content to run the first mile conservatively and then get things rolling around the 7-8 minute mark. Today I decided not to wear a watch and strictly run based on feel. I have relied too much on what the watch says in recent months and I want to get back to the roots of racing and just going hard.

The first mile was rather pedestrian, but I could tell how much the opening hill played a factor. I thought the 5:16 split felt about right and I was sure not to hit the front much. A few minutes later we turned a few corners and started back through Elizabeth. John and Dan were running off my shoulder and I was happy to just maintain the pace. My legs were still tight at this point and after the opening mile, running a fast time was out the window. The three of us hit two miles in 10:27 (5:11 split).

I started to get a little worried that Dan and John would have some closing speed heading down the final hill. I may have increased the pace just a touch once we crossed the second mile. The group stayed together until about a K to go when I noticed I had a 2 or 3 step lead. Once I was on the downhill I tried to open things up. I increased my turnover and started to roll. I knew I had gapped Dan and John, but wasn't sure by how much. I hit three miles around 15:20 (not completely sure for ~4:53 mile) About 300m from the finish I had a misstep that caused me to flail a bit. I think my hamstring kind of got hung up and was refusing to respond. Had someone been on my shoulder, the race would have been over, but luckily I had a decent advantage.

I took a final look over my shoulder going into the final turn and crossed the line a few ticks under 16:00. Full Results.

I was pleased with taking home the victory. I wished that I had been able to really push the pace from the gun because the course could have been fast. CRC took home first and second in the team competition earning us a gift certificate to Mac's on South Blvd.

The cool down was a bit rough as my legs immediately tightened up. I did however get to chat with a guy who was rocking a pair of Karhu Steady Rides. He said his wife had a pair too. I also got to chat with Sean Mullen who is a Karhu Explorer and almost done with his 40 in 40 challenge.

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Stephen Spada said...

Great race recap (and race) as I just signed on!