Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Runnin' with the Flights

Time: ~64 mins
Distance: 8.81 miles

W/u: 22:47 for 3.16 miles
W/o: 14 x 400 in 67 w/ 1 min rest, hammer #11
C/d: 23:24 for 2.90 miles

After Let Me Run got out I headed over to Caitlin's to start the warm up to the JCSU track. She was doing some 300s while I was scheduled to cut shapes. The last time I did some shape cutting was back in the marathon build up and it was snowing. The pace for today's effort wasn't too bad and I only had 14 of them. On February 12th, I did 25 x 400 w/ 1 min rest averaging 68.31 and last year in August I did 12 x 400 w/ 1 min rest averaging 64.15 on AG's track. The second workout was before I knew the track was a little short.

I took a good amount of time warming up properly this afternoon. I did some drills, very light stretching, and an easy stride on the grass. I also got back to doing a couple of 200s before the workout at pace.

32.72, (81), 32.87, (4:00). Switched into flats.
67.32, (60), 65.95, (61), 66.75, (59), 66.53, (59), 66.57, (60), 66.07, (60), 66.70, (60),
66.78, (60), 66.12, (61), 67.xx, (60), 62.00, (61), 68.85, (61), 67.70, (60), 64.84 for 35:01 total and ~3.75 miles. Average 66.37.

I'll take it. I was happy to just be able to lace up the flats and hit the times. The soreness is slowly leaving the legs and I was still able to complete the workout hitting all the times. I was thankful to have Caitlin's little track group out there as they jumped in with me on number nine over the last 200m. I also had them jump in my hammer interval on number 11. I didn't let them pass me on that one.

In a few weeks I'll be averaging 64-65. That is, if it's not 80 degrees and humid.

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