Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cutting Shapes at Duke

Time: ~45:53
Distance: 9.68k

W/u: 22:04 for 4.26k
W/o: 12 x 400m in 62-65 w/ 2 min rest
C/d: 7:23 for 1.37k

I was a little hesitant about doing this working as my peroneal tendon has been giving me problems, but Blue Ridge Relay is right around the corner. I have to be fit!

I drove over to the Al Buehler trail on Duke's campus and started my warm up carrying a pair of racing flats. I was pretty fired up about hitting the track that I last raced on as a sophomore in college. My foot wasn't hurting too much so I had dreams of completing the workout and hitting the proper splits. I even had the added encouragement of the Duke cheerleaders being out practicing for the season opener. Not so much of a great one...

65.96 (2:03), 66.10 (2:06), 65.39 (2:03), 67.13 (2:01), 66.77 (2:00), 66.91 blah!

I started off by jogging 400m for the first 4 intervals. That went to shit and I just stood around before numbers 5 and 6. When that started going to shit I called the workout. My foot wasn't feeling great, but that wasn't why I stopped. I just didn't have it out there on the track. I felt pretty good for the first 3 intervals and then my lack of fitness caught up with me. Not an awesome feeling.

I cooled down to the car and thought about running some more, but then figured why bother.

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