Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finding New Kilometers

Time: 89:35
Distance: 20.16k
Pace: 4:26

I coordinated with James Haycraft (real athlete) to run some this morning as he was looking to do 50 minutes, Meagan was needing about an hour and I wanted 20k. We met up at Chateau Woodcraft and proceed out for some fun. Meagan wanted to check out the alleged trail that is being built off Park Road near Fairview so we did that. Then we ran James' boring path up Selwyn, but I mandated that we had to run a loop and not out and back.

Our detours brought James and I back to his place right at the 50 minute mark (70 for me) and then I proceeded to find some extra kilometers around the neighborhood. I saw the Queens' soccer team running some hills and then found the trails near the Queens University athletic fields. All the little pieces of the run added up for a good adventure and I definitely need to get back in the trails more soon.

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