Sunday, August 14, 2011

McAlpine Long Run with Pick Ups

Time: 105:12
Distance: 26.10k
Pace: 4:02

Today is the classic Sunday long run with a twist. Jeff has always liked mid-long run surges and today was a brief reminder of just that. I had 10 x 90 seconds mid run with a 4 min. recovery. I didn't mind, but it makes running and chatting with friends a little difficult.

I met up with Ben Hovis and Justin Gutierrez at Old Bell to start this run just after a large group had set out. We clicked along pretty well for the first 8k before I had to hit the bushes. It took me about 2k to catch up and then I was gearing up to start my first of 90 seconds hard. The pace was supposed to be at 3:07/k which is 5:00 mile pace. Quick but not blistering. Given the long run distance, I would be tiring at 6-7 pick ups.

My pace ranged from 3:03 to 3:15 for each. Aaron Linz ran with me on a couple of them which I appreciated. I was thrilled at how easy they felt and my foot wasn't hurting. I almost started looking forward to running hard as it got me out of the long run slog. I felt strong being up on my toes powering down the trail. I know my training is going in the right direction, but I definitely have to keep an eye on this foot.

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