Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Memorable Run

Time: 65:58
Distance: 15.58k
Pace: 4:13

Even though I'm writing this at the end of the month in an attempt to get caught up with my blog, I remember this run clearly. It was a cooler day, the first of the approaching fall season and I felt fit. Not fit like I could go out and break personal records or take a stab at running 2:19, but I realized I could do it. That's going to happen in the near future and this run is why I know it's possible.

I stepped back and remembered my training for this year... it has sucked. Nothing about 2011 has been particularly impressive. I have only race a couple of times due to injury and everything else has been riddled with inconsistency. Comparing it to 2010, it's the complete opposite. My current running started on June 1st after battling an achilles injury all year. June was a pathetic month of real training as I just looked to get healthy again. The real running didn't begin until July which was good but not great. I did get in a great week while in California, but everything else was purely to keep me excited. I ran some light 200 meter workouts just to say I had done something. The real efforts didn't start until August when Jeff came to me with an actual training plan. It's now 8/15/11 which means it's 10 weeks of running with 6 being respectable and only 2 being somewhat legitimate.

So why was the run so memorable? I just found myself running the Booty Loop realizing that I have done absolutely nothing in terms of training this year, yet I feel amazing (despite the foot). Aerobically I feel strong and after the pickups on Sunday I know the legs are going to respond to having to run fast. It felt like was flying through Myers Park with a lot of work to do, but feeling fit from the little work I had done. If 6 weeks of running could bring me this far, what could another 12 weeks bring? It's there, I just need my foot to heal...

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