Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick Update Before the Updates

I'm terribly behind on my blog again. What else is new? So before I start post-dating my training I thought I'd give a quick update on my present state.

Training is going alright: I feel strong on runs, my weight is where it needs to be (sub-140 lbs.) and I'm itching to push my limits. But... I'm being limited by my peroneal tendon which is absolutely killing me from making a big jump in fitness. I can get out the door and run 70+ minutes but each right step is uncomfortable during toe off. I ice, laser, rest, ART, tape, anti-inflammatory, fish oil, flax seed, sleep, massage and repeat, but the tendon still has lingering soreness. The afflicted area is right under the malleus near my achilles which probably means I'm tight on the lateral side of the leg.

I've done some good runs that I will soon try and post about. I haven't crushed a workout lately, but I know I could if I wasn't worried about absolutely destroying my foot. I really want to be in great shape for the Blue Ridge Relay and run three strong legs with minimal discomfort. At this stage it looks like I'll run three strong legs with growing discomfort each effort. Them the breaks.

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