Friday, August 12, 2011

Gettin' It on the Greenway

Time: 58:34
Distance: 14.01k
Pace: 4:10

I visited some accounts in Charlotte today that brought me near the Piper Glen shopping center. It was later in the evening and I had some final work to do that got done at Starbucks. I was fueled up on caffeine and then hit the Greenway for an out and back 14k. I remember my foot feel not so great but I was still able to click off decent splits. I fell into a nice rhythm and the final few kilometers were run in:

3:59, 4:00, 3:55, 3:54, 4:01, 3:39.

The splits would have been faster had the wooden sections not be slippery with mud caused by the recent rains.

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