Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flowin' Owen

Time: 52:42
Distance: 10.63k
Pace: 4:57

I got to run with my old roommate and teammate at Brown this morning. His girlfriend is in Duke's Medical School and is hospitable enough to let me crash when I come to Durham. She informed me last night that Owen was arriving late and we fixed a plan to give him a little surprise upon opening the front door. Anyway, fast forward to this morning, we got to go out and get in some distance together. He had found some trails near Katie's house his last visit and that's where we ran.

It was a little sketchy getting to the trails as the sidewalks in Durham were seemingly designed by Shel Silverstein. Once we got to the trails it was nice to wander around a pond that was an old rock quarry. Owen informed me that the quarry provided much of the rocks that helped to pave Interstate 40. Learn something new everyday.

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