Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot/Cold Track Strides

Time: 49:56
Distance: ~11.28k

W/u: 25:41 for 5.47k
C/d: 12:21 for 2.61k

My plan this evening was to hit the AG track for some light strides. After my failed attempt to spark some speed in the legs back in Santa Rosa, I needed something to wake the legs. I took a 5k route over to the track and was excited to see some of the Omega Sports Savannah Marathon training group running around. I've become friendly with the district manager of the Charlotte stores and his son is a pretty solid youth runner. He's probably only in junior high school but has already run a number of half marathons. The son was slated to run a mile time trial and his dad suggested that I pace him. No problem.

I got out there with the intention of running a 6:30 mile, but after an opening lap of 93, the little man was sitting right on my heels. We kept the pace honest and after the second lap he told me to pick it up. No problem.

He was ran tough all the way to the finish line and finished just over 6:15 and well under his goal time. I then went into 4 laps of jogging the turns and striding the straights. I was running fairly hard down the stretches and ended up splitting 5:38.

It was a quick jog back to the house for some Nuun and cheap pints.

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