Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Green Hope High School

Time: 69:50
Distance: 15.34k
Pace: 4:33

I was invited by Fleet Feet Raleigh to speak at Green Hope High School's summer practice this morning in Cary/Apex. I had to be at Bond Park bright and early with two full coolers of chilled Nuun. It was fun seeing the enthusiasm for the sport in 100+ runners that day. Apparently the school is one of the best in the state and usually has over 200 kids come out for the team. I got to tell a few boring stories of glory days and run with the guys.

I had a hill workout on my schedule but the park didn't really have any hill that would work well for what I was trying to accomplish. Also, my foot is giving me some pain and pushing off on an uphill would probably put me over the edge.

My only beef with being at the practice is that I was out there for over 2 hours and only logged 70 minutes of running. I added on more than once to get to that number too. There is just a lot of standing around at practice and little running being done. It was probably the same when I was in high school but that was so long ago.

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