Wednesday, August 24, 2011

World Record Wednesday

Time: 42:49
Distance: ~9k

I had an event yesterday in Winston-Salem and certainly had a place to crash, but that fell through. Fortunately, Owen's girlfriend is at Duke Med School and she bailed me out big time with a blowup mattress to sleep on. In the morning, after doing some work, I headed out the door to pick up some distance. My watch was acting a fool and had me running 10 seconds/kilometer. I ran something like 2 minutes and had already covered over 5k. I would have continued on to track my route but the watch was beeping constantly which was annoying as shit. I ended up turning off the GPS and just used the watch as a tradition watch. Who would have thought!?

I ended up finding the kilometers back in a new housing development and nearly got lost but my keen sense of direction didn't let me down. I was back at Katie's house a little after 40 minutes and was able to head off to visit accounts.

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