Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Run

Time: 53:26
Distance: 6.71 miles

W/u: 31:06 for 4.01 miles
W/o: Drills + 3 x 100m
C/d: 22:20 for 2.70 miles

I turned the big 2-6 today. Does that mean I move up an age group in road races? Or do I have 30 years old to look forward to?

Tyler, Jenna, Meagan and I headed out from our place to the AG for our respective workouts. Meagan was doing a light workout, Tyler was running 12 x 200, I was doing drills and strides and Jenna was cheering because she tweaked her achilles.

I felt relatively fast on each 100m stride. It doesn't seem that the extra year has slowed me down yet. If Bernard Lagat can still make moves at 35, then I can still train at 26.

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