Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week in Review

Time: 589:36
Distance: 81.78 miles

This week turned out good. I got in some nice light pace work at the UNC track on Tuesday night and finished out the week with a solid 5k race. I'm still looking to sniff 15:00 on the roads this summer and I believe this is where I need to be. In the past I was rather aggressive with banging out big workouts and probably left too much out there. When it came to the race I was flat and had to rely more on toughness than fitness to hit good times. Back in the day when road racing played a bigger part of the training, guys would be ready to throw down on the weekends. My high school and college coaches have ridiculous 5k and 10k road PRs that are rarely scene with any consistency. The race was just another big workout and I need to focus more when it comes to competition.

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