Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inferior Blog

I was told tonight that my blog has been lacking. True. It's been lacking to the point that this person claimed Meagan's blog was better. Not true.

My only excuse is that I've been lazy about posting and busy on the road visiting accounts. The training is being done, but the updating hasn't.

Here's the most recent update: I ran 14:59.4 tonight for 5k at the "June Stanford of the East Meet." And by that I mean in Charlotte at Myers Park High School's wonderful facility with grass clippings, lane one filled with divots and packed stands. I'll make a real recap sometime late this week, but I'll leave you with some photos taken from Caitlin Chrisman's Facebook page.

Just before the 200m mark. Solo effort.

Keeping pace.

Caitlin getting artistic and scoping out my arse. Trying to rival Scotty D's mullet.

Bringing the fans to their feet.

Leaning back at the finish line just to make sure it wasn't 14:58.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is pretty darn good. When it has entries. Great run, I'm not sure if I've ever been lapped twice before tonight.
- Stan.

Charlotte Running Club said...

I did say that you need to update your blog, but I never made any claims as to whose blog is better...I would say they are tied for two of my favorite blogs. Oh, by the way, Nice arse! I'm such a good photographer