Friday, June 25, 2010

Many Adjustments to Be Made

Time: ~51:41 (actual running)
Distance: ~8 miles

W/u: 22:35 for 2.87 miles
W/o: 5 x mile in 4:50 w/ 3 mins rest. --> 5 x mile in 5:05-5:10 w/ 3 mins rest. (adjusted for heat/humidity)
Alt. W/o: 2 x 1k, 2 x 600m, 4 x 300m
C/d: 9:38 for 1.08 miles

I arrived to the PDS track knowing what I had to run. I just exchanged a gchat conversation with my coach asking if I should adjust the paces due to the temperature. We decided to back off the pace significantly so that the workout would be much more manageable.

On the warm up I could tell this workout had potential to be a struggle. I felt heavy as Meagan and I jogged down to the Boyce parking lot. I kept positive and wanted to give it shot. However, I was feeling tired from a big week of miles and my eyes were hazy. I've been finding myself really sluggish in the afternoon to the point of needing a nap, but rarely taking one. It's a busy time during the SS11 sell in season and I have a lot of accounts to visit. Nevertheless, I slipped into my Racers and did a few strides to get the legs and lungs ready.

First lap: 72. At 800m I was 2:32 and right on pace, but it wasn't feeling relaxed so I stopped. I didn't want to dig myself further into a hole so I opted to pace Meagan during her workout. I helped her maintain a relaxed, but hard pace on the 1ks and 600s. When it came time to run the 300s, I wanted her really getting after it so I continued my pacemaking duties with more encouragement.

2 x 1,000m - 3:27 (4:00), 3:23 (4:00),
2 x 600m - 1:59 (3:00), 2:01 (3:01),
4 x 300m - 48.71 (2:00), 49.42 (2:01), 50.18 (3:20), 49.19

Those were based on when I crossed the start and finish lines. Meagan was close on each interval. She showed a bit of speed during the 300s. I think this a pretty solid workout considering she's been on some down time since DII Nationals. There is a big showdown between her and Tim next Tuesday which called for waking the legs up with some harder running.

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