Sunday, June 13, 2010

Post Pool Run

Time: 41:35
Distance: 5.38 miles
Pace: 7:43

After the morning run Meagan decided to invite a bunch of friends over to hang out in the FT pool. I'm not a big time pool reveler, but today called for some splashes. The afternoon was most enjoyable and rehashing the stories from last night was key too. Caitlin, Denise, Tyler and I held down Charlotte, Meagan and Jenna took on Boston, and John Compton and Jay Holder shook up Asheville. We all had some good laughs and when the sun finally started to get past prime tanning time, the group dispersed. Jenna and I opted to go for a run through Freedom Park. It wasn't much fun for either of us as I ate too much during the day and her achilles was hurting.

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