Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cutting Shapes

Time: ~50:10
Distance: 8 miles

W/u: 23:46 for 3.02 miles
W/o: 4 sets of 4 x 400 w/ 1 min rest and 3 min rest between sets
C/d: 8:24 for 1.00 miles

The plan for the morning was to complete a workout. I looked back over my training schedule and chose a workout that I was scheduled to do when I opted to race the mile and one of the Summer Series meets. It was 16 x 400, but broken up into sets of 4 taking a minute rest between intervals and four minutes between sets. I figured that it would be easier to run a lot of short, fast intervals than mile repeats or a tempo run.

I didn't actually start the workout until a little after 11:00 am which meant the temps were already in the low 90s. Part of the reason for the late start was the fact that I had to clear the track at Myers Park HS. I was able to sneak into the track that is guarded closer than Fort Knox. Once inside the barbed wire (not kidding), I found the maintenance crew had left grass clippings three inches thick in lanes 1 to 4. Even sections of lane 5 were covered in grass, but I did my best to clear the fifth lane of the field.

It's quite disappointing to see a great public high school's track go to waste. The facility is tucked away on top of a hill surrounded by trees and protected from wind. The surface of the track looks like it's from the early 90's when I think it was last resurfaced in 2001? The worst part is how carefully it's protected. It's not like the school's administration is trying to keep the track in pristine condition because that time has long passed. There really is no need to keep runners and walkers off the track in its current state. Maybe if people were actually allowed to use it like they do the AG, then a fundraiser with a strong following would be possible to fix the thing.

Anyway, on to the actual workout. My idea was to run the first set in 69s, the second in 68s, third in 67s and final in 66s.

Set #1 - 70.96 (60), 69.96 (60), 69.85 (60), 69.32 (3:00)
Set #2 - 68.27 (60), 67.90 (60), 69.38 (60), 66.33 (3:00)
Set #3 - 68.35 (60), 64.85 (61), 66.89 (61), 66.03 (3:00)
Set #4 - 66.67 (60), 66.30 (60), 64.93 (61), 59.40

I slipped into spikes for the final two sets. Somehow I only managed a 68 on the first interval with spikes. Usually I'd drop a 63 due to the aggressive spike plate and lighter weight. It took a couple intervals to get back into a rhythm. Overall, I'd say this workout went well and was in control. I was pleased to close in sub-60 and really only pressed the final 150m.

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