Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pre-Race at UNC Chapel Hill

Time: ~46:50
Distance: ~6.83 miles

W/u: 16:26 for 2.06 miles
W/o: Pre-race of 2 x mile in 4:45, 2 x 400 in 65
C/d: 17:52 for 2.02 miles

Today took us from the shores of Virginia Beach to Greenville, NC. The drive was mostly on back roads and side highways because the GPS device likes taking me on the "scenic route" for whatever reason. I arrived in Greenville a few minutes early for my scheduled meeting with a woman who is opening the first specialty store in town. There is an Omega Sports, but nothing else that is solely focused on running and triathlons. It was a successful day for Craft, Balega, Orthaheel and Fuel Belt.

Next up was a some casual visits to bike stores in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. I also gave a quick hydration clinic to a group of runners at Fleet Feet Carrboro. When all the work stuff was done, Meagan and I headed over to the UNC track where I had to put in a pre-race workout. I'm gearing up to run fast at this weekend's GPx race so the workout was intended to get the legs rolling without too much strain.

I started the workout with a few 200m strides. The first one felt terrible and I actually ran slower than the goal pace for the mile. It was incredibly humid and I was poorly hydrated. Despite giving advice on how to stay properly hydrated moments earlier, I was essentially drained of all fluids except coffee.

36.81 (1:41), 33.86 (2:01),
4:46.08 (4:46), 4:41.95 (3:31),
64.53 (2:31), 63.84 for 27:18 total time and 3.50 miles

The first mile was rough the final 150m. I felt tight and heavy coming down the homestretch. I want to hit the mile in 4:45 this weekend and I just struggled to run that fresh tonight. The second mile felt much better as I focused on maintaining pace and form throughout. The 400s were easy enough.

After a quick cool down, Meagan and I were off to eat our snacks from Weaver Street Market.

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