Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long Run in the Show Me State

Time: 80:17
Distance: 11.06 miles

Part I: 66:46 for 9.05 miles
Part II: 13:31 for 2.01 miles

I decided to not try working out at the track again this morning for fear of being impaled by a javelin. I'm sure those old guys can really zing it and I didn't want to cross their paths again. Meagan and I were put in contact with the Missouri Southern coach and a couple of the athletes who were still around Joplin. We were told that a group was running along the Frisco Greenway which was only a couple of miles away from where we were staying. It was an early jump to the day, but we managed to meet up with the group.

Frisco was a shaded, crushed gravel trail that was perfect for tempo runs. We went out and back along the path before calling it a day around 9 miles. I had dreams of adding on a second section to extend the run, but ended up only going an additional two miles. I'll take this week as a bit of recovery and really get after it once I'm back in Charlotte.

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