Monday, June 21, 2010

Nearly Forgot This Workout

Time: ~58 mins
Distance: ~9 miles

W/u: ~23 mins for 3.0 miles
W/o: 8 x 800 w/ splits of 72 and 68 for 2:20 total. 2 mins rest
C/d: ~16 mins for 2.0 miles

It sucks when you forget your watch and have to borrow your girlfriend's. And, it really sucks when you have a really good workout only not to be captured on your watch. And, it really really sucks when you forget to write the workout down and decide to erase the laps from your girlfriend's watch memory. Those are the facts and this is from memory.

I needed to start off the week with a big workout in order to get things rolling. The goal is 110 miles this week. It just so happens that this week will be the hottest of the year. Meagan and I drove to Providence Day to start the workout. She was just running and continued on through McAlpine while I turned around at the Boyce parking lot.

The goal was repeat 800s in 2:20. However, the first lap had to be 72 and the second 68. I busted out a new pair of Karhu Racers for this effort. It was about 11:00 by the time I actually started the workout and it wasn't getting any cooler.

Splits (from memory):
71, 64 = 2:15
71, 68 = 2:19
72, 67 = 2:19
70, 68 = 2:18
71, 68 = 2:19
72, 68 = 2:20
71, 68 = 2:19
71, 66 = 2:17

I definitely remember tossing in a 64 on the second half of my first interval. Not smart. I knew I had to change gears, but I clearly overcompensated. It wasn't the smoothest way to start the workout, but it set the tone. I was pretty beat on the last 3 intervals. It was really warm, my body temp was through the roof and I was tiring. I managed to close it out keeping some pace changes.

I was very pleased with the effort. It's confidence building when 71/72s feel really easy and with a little more focus you can come back in 67/68.

I spent the rest of the day hydrating and getting ready for run number two.

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