Friday, June 4, 2010

Recovery Run

Time: 45:27
Distance: 6.09 miles
Pace: 7:28

I'm not really sure what I'm recovery from. I guess it could be last night's outing to Tyber Creek. Who can argue with $2 drafts? And, I'm not talking Bud Light or Miller Lights. These are legit brews like Guinness, Harp and Fat Tire. Some jerks are still lame enough to order a $2 Bud Light when the other options are available on Thursday night. It was a good low key event with friends and of course Beats and Keys (I can't find a website for the 3 man cover band).

Jenna met up with us for a few miles around Freedom Park. I felt good considering the chicken finger, spinach dip and pizza dinner last night. I don't think Meagan could say the same.

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