Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tyler's Workout

Time: 43:17
Distance: 5.98 miles

W/u: 18:29 for 2.19 miles
W/o: 800 hot/cold, 6 x 400 w/ Tyler (90 sec), 400 hot/cold
C/d: 13:04 for 1.54 miles

Tyler is getting a little more serious about his running these days which is cool to see. He had 12 x 400m w/ 90 sec. rest as his workout for the evening. I wanted to do some drills and strides at the track to loosen up before racing tomorrow night. We jogged from my parking lot to the Myers Park HS track, but realized it's locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Why the need for barbed wire? Our next best option was the AG track because it's always open to the public.

I did my drills and a couple light strides before starting 800m where I jog the turn, sprint/stride the straights. I clocked the half mile at 2:50. Tyler was only halfway through his workout and he was starting to slow. I jumped in for the final 6 intervals.

1:28, (90), 1:29, (90), 1:27, (89), 1:25, (90), 1:26, (90), 1:23.

Then I ran 400m hot/cold in 1:16.

It was a good night to be on the track. Despite the incredible humidity, we missed the worse of the 7 minute storm that passed through Charlotte. My legs gradually opened up during the strides and felt relatively quick doing drills.

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